Course on how to increase your bookings


Hey there, wedding photographers!

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with where to start or how to elevate your couples' wedding experience, you're in the right place.

This guide is designed to walk you through each stage a couple will go through with you – from discovery to post-wedding – and provide you with all the steps needed to create a bespoke workflow tailored to your business.

Ready to dive in? 


~ A 13 page workbook

~ Downloadable PDF


~ Wedding photographers who want to give their couples an elevated and consistent wedding experience

~ Wedding photographers looking to create consistency in their brand 

~ Wedding photographers who feel stuck with where to even begin 

Creating a bespoke workflow for your wedding photography business can elevate the experience you offer your couples and set you apart in the industry. By understanding your audience, streamlining your processes, maintaining consistency in branding, and continuously improving, you can provide a seamless and memorable experience for every couple. Remember, the key is to be prepared, professional, and personable at every stage.


Don't believe me, believe her...

"I have had the pleasure of working with Becky online, as part of her Photography Education Facebook group, with her offering her time and expertise so generously to mentor me and help me grow as a photographer. I also attended Becky’s education workshop ‘Freeze to Breeze’. The workshop was well-organised, and such care was taken to ensure that the attendees felt looked after. The morning included a wealth of information that was invaluable, and delivered in a fun, upbeat style. The afternoon allowed the photographers the opportunity to practise the skills taught during the morning. The styling, venue, models and whole vibe created by Becky’s creative vision was absolutely stunning. If you are a photographer looking to gain confidence in posing, as well as create some beautiful portfolio images, Becky’s ‘Freeze to Breeze’ workshop is perfect for you. As an educator, Becky is so welcoming and inclusive, and makes you feel like no question is silly. She’s such a valuable resource in the world of photography, and I’m thrilled that I found her and her amazing education resources. A huge thank you to her for always being so supportive. Don’t hesitate to book an education course with Becky - you won’t be disappointed"



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    How to increase your bookings:


    ~Embrace your passion for wedding photography and attract more dream clients!

    ~ Unleash your full potential with this masterclass - discover your ideal clients and attract them with ease

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    Mentoring Sessions:

    Video calls:

    ~Unleash your potential with 1hr zoom sessions to overcome challenges!

    ~Receive personalised, honest feedback and set achievable goals for success