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  • How much are your packages and what do they include?

Each of my wedding photography packages can be seen here with a breakdown of what is included and details of your investment. If you are having a destination wedding, please email me for a bespoke quote.

  • Will your style fit with our wedding?

My photography style is very natural. I see photography as a way to tell a story and this is at the heart of my shoots. I see it as my job to understand your personalities and characters, which in turn enables me to capture your unique connections and emotions. This relaxed, documentary style of photography means you’ll feel more at ease and remember how amazing your special day was. I often say that my shoots are more like being with a friend than a stranger.

  • What is your approach to wedding photography?

My approach to my couple and wedding shoots is a documentary style; sitting back, watching personalities interact and unfold and then capturing those moments to make sure the story I am telling is yours. I believe I should blend into your wedding day when I need to, be present when needed and I strongly believe in working with you and guiding you on your wedding day timeline so you get the most effective wedding shoot. I offer all couples a free wedding consultation before booking - so if you’re reading this and want to know more about my style I can chat with you both in more detail then.

  • How will the shoot work on our wedding day?

So as I explained in my approach - I like to give you things to think about or say/do. This helps to create a reaction that I know you will fall in love with. Before your pre-wedding shoot, (or wedding day if you haven’t opted for this in your package) you'll receive a questionnaire to help determine the emotion you want to feel when looking back on your wedding photos. It also has some personal questions in there like favourite movies etc so I can get to know you a bit better.

On your wedding day, we will have worked out the best timing for your day. I always tell my couples that on your wedding day, I don’t want you to feel like you have spent more time with me than your guests, so it’s always a balancing act working your timeline to make sure I can capture the moments I know you want and also that you get to actually enjoy your day with your guests.

  • We hate being in front of the camera - how will you help us look natural?

I strongly believe a lot of helping you to feel more at ease is to have met you! I always try to meet face-to-face for your wedding consultation (although being more sustainable and using Skype and WhatsApp Video are options too). Knowing that we have met, talked and connected, ensures that you have booked the right photographer - I always say you should book your photographer when everything fits and it feels more like talking to a friend than a stranger - that connection is essential to help you relax.

  • We don’t know if we want group shots - do we have to have them?

I cap group shots at 10. When it comes to group shots, I always ask my couples ‘who are they for’ if the more formal one is for family and not the ones you are going to treasure then I will get them done as quickly as possible and normally after a confetti shot so they are out the way. The more exciting group shots are when you are with your bridal or groom party - these are the fun ones, where we can have piggy back races, beer runs or simply bumping hips! After all, you want to have fun on your wedding day, right?!

  • Have you done a wedding shoot at our venue before?

You can ask me this when you get in touch and of course, I will always answer honestly.  Generally, I always go and scout the venue for each wedding I book so it doesn’t really matter if I have done a wedding there before or not. Venue’s change so much from season to season and different couples book venues for different reasons. If you have fallen in love with areas of your venue, tell me about it. I want to know and obviously I will always be guided by where the best lighting is!

  • Can you capture both of us getting ready in the morning?

I can when you are in the same building, however it’s important to note that when I leave the room, for one of you, the storytelling stops for that part of the day until I walk back in the room and so I would suggest adding one of my second photographers to your package to ensure no moment is missed. 

  • What deposit do we have to pay?

No matter your package, the deposit is always 25% of your package price with the remaining balance payable no later than 14 days before your day.

  • Can we have RAW images?

Regrettably not - any images that make my quality mark get edited and added to your gallery, I do not provide the images that do not make my quality mark, nor RAW images.

  • What happens if somebody at the wedding wants a certain picture but it’s not on my list?

I do not guarantee any images for your wedding day, however I’ll do my very best to get the list of essential shots we have agreed. I hope you understand weddings are busy and as sometimes guests disappear, some people have refused to have their photo taken before. I agree with you prior to your wedding day a set of group shots which I will work through. If somebody wants a certain image that isn’t on that list, I will simply let them know that I have a list of images to capture that we have agreed upon and to maybe come and find me later in the evening to ask if I am free to take the shot they’d like but this can’t be guaranteed. Please note you are my client and therefore I generally don’t take on-the-day requests from guests.

  • How can we stop people sharing their images from the day before we share one of yours?

Going unplugged is a preferred option these days, it also allows me to do my job properly too - after all, you’ve paid me for a reason.

  • Do you do destination weddings?

I do, however, please note, there is now a clause in all quotes that details as we go through the Brexit process, should working permits and visas be required, this will be an additional fee.

  • Will you meet the vicar/registrar/celebrant prior to our wedding?

Absolutely if they would prefer to. Please tell whoever is marrying you on the day that you will be having a wedding photographer and that you want me to stand at the front and to have the freedom to move from one side to the other (respectfully).

The reason I require this is that some services have been challenging, often not allowing photographers at the front of the church/ceremony room. I believe that once you have had this conversation and you have been informed of what they will and will not allow, as long as you are happy with it and inform me, then I will shoot your ceremony as per those instructions.

If you have had all these conversations and on the day the person marrying you changes their mind, I will respectfully tell them it was agreed with you that I could stand at the front and this is where I will be. Kindly note, I will not be held responsible for missing parts of the services because of lack of parking facilities or challenging vicars/registrars/celebrants.

  • What mileage do you cover?

I cover the first 80 miles from WS13, after which it's £0.45p per mile as an added invoice.

  • Our venue is over 2-hours away from WS13 - do you need accommodation?

Yes please. If you’d like me to take care of this, I can organize and will scout suitable places giving you a selection of 3 to choose from. Please note, I would need this for the day before and day of your wedding (silver and gold packages only).

  • Do we need to feed you on the wedding day?

Yes please & my second shooter - it can be a long day and a warm meal and cup of coffee is all I ask for.

  • If we have a second photographer, how do we get one and who edits the images?

Any couple who would like a second photographer simply adds one to their package and upon the deposit being paid, I will go to my preferred photographers and book one. I have a network of wonderful photographers who I have great respect for and I trust will treat you as I would. If you book a second photographer, they will most likely cover the groom prep in the morning, different angles at the church, more of the candid/documentary shots and some of the couple shots too. At the end of your wedding day, they hand me the memory cards and I edit those images. I do allow second shooters to use the images for their portfolio, however I stipulate they cannot share any images prior to me sharing your gallery with you and that when they post/use an image, it needs to state taken whilst working with Becky Tranter Photography.

  • Can we have an album?

Of course! If it’s not part of your package then you can buy an album within 12 months of your wedding. I have a sample album and all the swatches for you to create your own.

  • Can we have wall art?

You certainly can. If it’s not part of your package, you can buy wall art within 12 months of your wedding. I have samples of each of the products I sell and will invite you over to view and handle them one evening.

  • Can you recommend other wedding suppliers?

I can and I have a whole network of incredible people I would happily recommend. Some of them are in my ‘Little Book of Love’ offering you an exclusive discount for booking one of my wedding packages.

  • We have no idea about our timeline yet - how will we let you know?

A month before your wedding, I send out a final wedding questionnaire which asks for your timeline, what group shots you want etc. We will then meet up the following week to talk this all through and so I can help guide you into your photos; group shots, your couple shoot etc. to make the most of the light and to ensure you don’t feel like you are pulled from pillar to post all day.

  • What's a pre-wedding shoot and do we need one?

The benefits:

I talk a lot about how in today’s society we are very comfortable with taking selfies either with or without the ones we love. However, when a professional photographer comes along and says we are going to have some professional photos done, the majority of us feel a little uncomfortable and that’s completely natural.

For both you and I, a pre-wedding shoot really is gold dust. It’s my job to make you feel like you are out with a friend and not a stranger, I also see it as my job to get to know you and what you are worried about and so during this session, I’ll ensure I’m helping you both to overcome any fears and put you at ease.

During this session, you also get to experience my photography style which is more about giving you something to do/say/think about and not to get you to stand still in a freeze position. What I’m always looking for is a connection; a touch, a cuddle, a kiss, laughter.

You’ll both feel more comfortable in front of the camera and relaxed about what to expect on the day so you can feel confident and excited about your wedding day photography.

When do we have our pre-wedding shoot?

The date is up to you, however please note I only do pre- wedding shoots on weeknights, (April to September) or on Sundays. I need at least 12 weeks notice and this may be subject to change if a late wedding booking comes in. November through to March is a little more flexible and weekends may be an option. Unless the weather is so bad we can’t be outdoors, pre-wedding shoots will still take place. If you choose to cancel, I will try my utmost to fit you in at a later date, however please note this will be subject to availability.

What should we wear to our pre-wedding shoot?

Wear anything that you feel comfortable in and will suit the aesthetic you’d like to achieve. Most importantly, wear something suitable to the location and the weather and that feels like you!

  • How long will we have to wait for our wedding images?

Your full wedding gallery turnaround time is 4-6 weeks, however I always get you your sneak peek images within 7 days of your wedding day.

  • How long will the online gallery stay open for?

Each of my packages includes an online gallery for you and your friends and family to access. I close these down after 4-6 weeks, so please make sure you order any prints and download your images by then. I do have to pay a subscription to host the gallery and should you want the gallery extended, I can do it for a small admin fee.

  • Can we post our images to social media?

Of course! I love seeing your favourites go up on social media! It’s your right to ask that I do not post images to social media and I completely respect and understand your decision to keep your wedding images private. I do however reserve the right to post detail and venue shots of your day to keep regular content on my pages. In all my contracts, is a clause to ban the addition of filters or changing the image - I hope you understand that you probably booked me based upon the images and the finish edit. The editing is part of my art and therefore I ask respectfully that you do not alter and change  the final style.

  • Do I need to be in attendance for the shoot?

If you are the business owner asking for the shoot then yes. On the day, I like to show you the images and story unfolding so that you can make any necessary tweaks as we go along and ensure the images produced reflect your business needs.

  • Will I have full rights to the images?

You will get an agreement called ‘Licence to Use’ which outlines what the photos can be used for and for the duration. Copyright is retained to Becky Tranter Photography, but paid images will be free of any watermarks.

  • Is editing covered in my package?

All packages cover the following; image cull, hand edited in my signature style, basic additional editing; removal of obvious blemishes, removal of obvious distracting small objects. Once images have been uploaded, an additional charge will occur for each image that requires further editing.

  • Do you offer food styling for my business?

I always recommend to have a stylist on set who has either set the brief or has a very clear understanding of it. Each of my commercial packages is created for those who want to tell a particular story through a set of images that goes beyond the  image of a plate of food.

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