Do We Have Group Shots Or Not?

I seen a lot of brides to be on social media recently having an emotional worry over what photos they want v’s what photo’s their family wants to have. So to help out I have written this blog from a photographers perspective to help any wedding couple out when making some tough emotional decisions.

Times are a changin:

For my clients I think the traditional weddings are a thing of the past, don’t get me wrong there are many elements of a modern wedding that shadow those of the past, however, standing around for those group shot for about 40 mins is something we are moving away from.

I have found over the past 3 years I’ve become much more to my wedding couples than just a wedding photographer, I have been a consultant, a stylist and a mini wedding planner. I honestly love what I do and how the industry has grown, my background is managing large teams within a national Children’s Charity and making sure their wellbeing was in check meant they could be at their best when with families. I transfer this skill to my couples when they come across big emotional issues such as I don’t want a lot of group shots but I know mum/dad/nan or my its tradition that is pulling on their heartstrings.

Do I even have time for group shots?

During my time with my clients I help them work some of their timings out, I go from initial consultation “right send me your timeline and all the group shots you would like and who they are for - you or someone else”. Once I have spent the time building up a trust with my clients I help them work through some emotions as the group shots are normally for mum and dad. A list of 15-20 shots can take about 30 mins to complete (depending on how quickly I can find everyone) and group shots tend to happen after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast. For the majority of weddings this gap is about an hour, so if you imagine half an hour of that is just for your group shots that leaves you 30 minutes to have your together session on your wedding day.

With the group shots and your together session can take you that gap and has left you no time to be congratulated and hugged by all your loved ones.

I do like to talk to my couples about having some together shoots at golden hour/sunset, these are the magic shots every wedding couple loves when they look through Pinterest.

I often find my wedding couples wanting 1 big group shot outside the church and then having lots of group pictures throughout the day. Then they are able to priorities their together session with me and have a photobooth booked for the evening for people to have their own group shots taken.

My advice:

  • Write out your timings

  • Look for natural gaps

  • Think about those gaps and at what time of day will they be: day, evening

  • Prioritise the story you want your wedding pictures to tell

  • Think about who the group shots are for

  • If they aren’t for you pick 5 really important ones and ask your photographer to get them done as quickly as possible

  • Talk to your photographer about all of the above and what are the most important elements of your wedding

  • Remember it’s your wedding and it’s okay to plan it the way YOU both want, you're the ones who are THE most important ones on this day.

  • Oh and if you need to, it’s ok to blame the photographer for not having so many group shots, tell them we insisted, it was our creative stance! :) x

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I dedicate this to every wedding couple, it’s ok to say what you want and more importantly what you don’t want. Enjoy your day it’s going to be amazing!


Becky x

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