My Favourite Autumn Locations - Part 2

Pipe Hall Fields and Forest, Lichfield

What to expect:

This area is a vast, I mean huge! There are soooo many spots we can use, depending on the weather we can use the open fields or just under the canopy of the forests. This is a well known dog walking and ramblers space. So we are going to come across other people and perhaps dogs. If you don’t like dogs please don’t worry we have a dog and I always have dog treats in my pocket so can ensure the dogs come to me and not you.

There are fields with tall grass, and yes, I will get you playing in it. There are forests we go exploring in, there are fallen trees, ferns and even a brooke. I think this location is one of my firm favourites.

What Age is it good for:

All age groups and when the ground is solid pushchairs can be taken almost everywhere.

I find this location works best with older aged children (8+), the main reason is we have such amount of space to explore it keeps them busy.

Good time of the year:

Spring for the bluebells

Summer through to the end of Autumn

Areas I Use

As I have mentioned we can and often do explore all areas. But depending on how far you and your family want to walk then I can tailor it to your needs. To get to the large wooden area with the brook is about a 20-25 minutes walk. With stops in between it could take up to 40 minutes.

Is it good for my dog?

Yes, I would say this is a perfect doggie friendly place. We go walking up there with ours all the time. There are plenty of waste bins and even water bowls. Dogs can be on or off lead here. It is a big space so please ensure you keep an eye on your doggie if we are off lead


This area has its own car park which is free of charge. At busy times you may need to park just outside on the road.

My only word of warning about getting to this location is mind the roads, when you come off the A51 it becomes a single track road and some lorries use this as a shortcut.

I hope this gives you an insight to maybe my favourite location for diversity and giving you an amazing experience.

Till next time

Love Becky x


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