Why Photo's Matter

Ever since I can remember my Dad has documented our family life and before we came along my dad was in the army, my mum worked in Birmingham at a wedding dress shop and then a factory making car parts. But they both travelled and were two incredible people before they became our parents. As kids, we would watch home movies that my dad had made with cine film (millennials reading this, this is proper old skool movies made on film with no sound)! So you could say I grew up surrounded by images and I loved it. Seeing my parents young, glamours, travelling across Europe in a vintage car. Seeing my dad in his army uniform, smoking, in the camps and with his comrades is a part of them I would never have known if photos didn’t matter.

On lazy or rainy weekends you would often find me in my parent's bedroom with ALL of the photo albums out, going through times I've never known or reliving the ones I can remember. But don’t you think that’s what photos are for? Documenting your time together; as a family, as a lone traveller, as an explorer of the world or simply being able to remember times as a family and reminisce of when your children were younger? Without these moments mattering in my family, I would never have got to see a picture of the grandad I never met, been able to see what our family life was like before I was able to remember them. Remember and relive all those treasured memories with those loved ones who are no longer with us.

If ever faced with that scenario of your on a desert island what 5 things would you take with you, or if your watching I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of here, one of the luxury items they take with them is a photograph of a loved one/s. So photographs are much more than just something we take, they are the things and people important to us, they are the moments in time we never want to forget and the stories we want telling forever! For me, they are my families legacy and a way for my family to share and freeze frame people who really matter to us.

In every one of my bookings; wedding photography, couple photography, family/children’s photography, I want to make it an experience that you can remember, something that gives you a happy feeling when you look back on your session with me. My job is to get the best out of the day and take your photos in a way that feels more natural.

So the next time someone asks for you to be in their photo, remember that they want you to be remembered, that you mean something to them, don’t shy away, take your place right where you should be, next to the people who love you xxx

Until next time

Becky x

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