We live in the UK and you do your photography sessions/shoot outdoors! How does that work?

As I have talked about before, I do not have a studio to work out of, why have I not gone down this route? A few reasons I guess; business-wise, I simply can’t afford it! The next reason although I do use flash photography, setting up a studio seems a whole lot scarier than everything I’ve done so far. I think it’s fair to say the way my brain is wired is not to get excited about the technical elements of photography. It has taken me a long time to learn a lot of the techniques, it doesn’t come easily to me, but seeing a beautiful image I want to create, this is the bit I love the most. I literally wake up everyday thinking of ideas, themes, places to go and explore to see what I can create.

Now that I find myself writing about why I shoot outdoors, I think a large part of this is, the outdoors is who I am, what I love. I have a real sense of wellbeing when I am outside, when we walk our dog I am constantly finding new places and seeing the seasons is a real delight. For the past 17 years, I worked in an office and a local community estate, our building was the old butchers. My space had no windows and no fresh air! It was possibly THE most unhealthy workplace ever! So being self-employed I guess, yes for reasons above I haven’t gone down the studio route (yet), I’m free to explore what I love which mainly involves using natural light and the environment around us to create something special. This year my two favourite places have to have been the confetti fields and the lavender ones, they are places I’ve never been to before and the textures and colours were amazing.

Using outdoor spaces does offer challenges, some day’s, in fact, some 20 minutes, in the UK we can be having sunshine and the next it’s grey, dull and really cloudy. For me this doesn’t matter, I will keep shooting or keep your booking if it’s really dull or a little bit drizzly. I like to book my family sessions, pre-wedding, couple sessions on a weekend. I ask clients to book in say on a Friday evening (if we are after that lush golden hour) and to keep the Saturday and Sunday free. This way we have a couple of days to play with, in case our 1st choice is a big wash out. I always keep in contact with clients before the session to see what they want to do. For example, some families have newborns and going out on a photography session in 30-degree heat or the pouring of rain is not healthy for the baby. So I go with your preference on using one of the other days and times to get your photography session on the planned weekend. I mainly choose a weekend as one parent/carer is normally working, so weekends work well. I also like to engage the whole family beforehand and write your children a letter inviting them on a family adventure and what my part in that will be. So for most of my families, they know they will get to have a planned activity with their family and don’t have to worry about cramming too many other activities in.

I also have some outdoor areas which we can use for either shade if it’s too sunny, or areas which are covered by trees for a forest walk in the rain. The trees act as a natural umbrella and we can continue with our family session, couple session etc. and embracing our weather by wearing cute wellies and fab rain macs!

Next week I’ll talk more about what you can expect your photos to look like under different weather conditions.

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday, I’m off to Lichfield's food festival, spend some time with my niece and nephews and not forgetting clay pigeon shooting (check my Instagram stories https://www.instagram.com/lifethrougha_lens_for behind the scenes images and videos)


Becky x

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