Can't Bear the Thought of a Maternity Shoot?

For the past 20 years of working with predominantly women in the children's charity world, plus many friends and well let's face it most of the female population. Getting semi-naked to bear your belly puts the fear into most of us; we might feel exposed, vulnerable or just uncomfortable. I hold my hands up here and say I'm one of those women who would utter the words "I can't do that, I look horrendous" if someone suggested a maternity shoot. But here's the thing I have learned, spending the time to get to know my clients, booking sessions with the time that allows me to connect with you, not to rush you and put you at ease gets me the results I am aiming for! Especially for maternity shoots. By the end of my maternity shoots, I aim for women to feel empowered, to feel like their body is THE most amazing thing on earth. I mean, come on, our female bodies move organs and ribs when we are pregnant!

For each of my maternity sessions I will say we will be done in about 2 hours, however, that might run over a bit so allow for 3hrs. I always like to meet clients face to face before any shoot, this is normally done in a nice coffee house where we can relax and have a natter. Where this is not possible I have to use a video chat (SKYPE, Hangouts, Appear In). When we meet up it's an informal and friendly introduction, where we will establish where you would like your shoot. I find outdoors or at your family home often work best. If you are feeling a little more private about your shoot then your family home is perfect, you are in the place that you love, surrounded by your personal belongings and this automatically puts you at ease. The day of your shoot I always like to start with a cuppa and a natter about how the session is going to unfold, making sure at each stage you are comfortable. I also want to know if you are feeling any niggles on that day, back, legs, hips etc. I can play around with positions to make sure we are not aggravating anything and making sure your's and babies wellbeing are taken care of.

After we have agreed on the session we have a walk around your home or the space we have chosen just to make sure the lighting will work and then its time to play and make some stunning images and memories for you and your family to remember forever. Depending on how you are feeling I often start with standing poses and work our way through to sitting if it's a shoot where there is more than you and your bump; your partner and other children for example, then we still start with the standing position and work through the same order.

I always support clients with what to wear on the day and ask you to bring a few items of babies that will add some personality to your album. My style of photography is very natural, dreamy and tells a story to achieve this look I help by giving you some direction, giving you something to think about and let your story and shoot unfold around it. By the end of every session, my clients don't want it to end, I even have the men asking if they can just have one more shot or look forward to our next shoot.

If you would like to have a maternity shoot that made you feel less fear and more fabulous get in contact today, I have some slots still available.

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