The Art of Storytelling Photography | My Journey

Hi all,

Well, I am 7 weeks into my career change and loving it! Don’t get me wrong there are times I feel lonely; I have managed large teams for about 10 years and been part of a team of people for about 20 years, so being my own boss and a team has its moments of stillness, and moments when talking to the dog just doesn’t cut it. But overall the freedom and being out of the rat race is liberating.

I would say since my life changed about 7 or 8 years ago and I decided to pursue my photography passion, I have been asking myself what is my style; do I know yet? When will I know and when I do how on earth am I going to describe it?! I think I am still on my path of discovery but I have clicked with images that are able to convey emotions. For those of you who know me, I am a very emotional person. I have many deep and meaningful moments, I try to be positive and see life from a perspective that is empowering and enabling. Looking back at some of my images I’ve felt I have been missing something. Have I not been editing right? Maybe the lighting was off? But upon reflection, I’ve not got the emotions into the image enough that it would make me stop scrolling on Instagram. I want my images to tell a story that makes you feel something while capturing the character and spirit of the subject. Each step I take away from the poses and the fake smiles makes my heart feel more whole.

I have always said my style is natural and I am not one for posing people, but have found that a challenge. Until I realised that in the art of storytelling through my photography I need to give my clients something to think about and not something to do. With this revolution, I find myself everyday thinking of what I can give clients to think about whilst having an image taken and not stand here do this.

I have a family shoot this Saturday with a lovely family and will be embracing my new approach to hopefully get some stunning images. For anyone reading this who is also into storytelling photography I would love to have a chat about your approach over a cuppa.

Happy Friday all


Becky x

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