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Hi again,

So if you have been following me on my Instagram or Facebook account you know I did a maternity shoot on Monday. I don’t own a studio so used every trick in the book to turn our home into an interesting one!

My lady was 35 weeks pregnant and having worked with pregnant ladies for years I wanted to make sure she was ok with every position and vision I had for the shoot. We had a cuppa in the garden where I talked to Megan about my vision and types of images I was hoping for. Straight away as soon as I said I wanted to create a silhouette image she started beaming!

“ Becky when you said you wanted to do a maternity

shoot this is the image I had in mind” Winner!

So after our mini consultation, and chin wag, we got to work. My theme for the shoot was flora, natural and trying to capture those emotions mothers around the world must be feeling during pregnancy and the anticipation of meeting ikkle one. As you can see we created a beautiful silhouette image and I am going to take to you about how you can recreate it.

Step One:

Look for windows in your house that get a lot of light and note the time of day that is (this is the time you need to recreate it)

When looking for windows avoid any that have marks on them, the cross hatched sort as you will get these as shadows in your background and they will distract from your image

Step Two:

Find some sheer fabric or check if when you close your curtains/blind you get light coming through. What you are after is for the fabric to act as a natural filter to take out the glare and harshness of the sun

Step Three:

Whatever you have got up at the window find a peg or bulldog clip that you can pin them together. NOTE - you want these to be out of the image so place them either high up and low down or where your subject is going to stand

Step Four:

Get your subject to stand in front of the window with the sheer/curtain in position, check your viewfinder. What can you see? Is there anything in the image that’s distracting? An armchair, a picture? Anything? If so remove it, if not your good to go to step five

Step Five:

If you have a camera look for your auto setting or for this one I used manual ISO: 320 F stop: 5.0 Shutter Speed: 1/125 and had my Canon 35mm lens on. You want to position your focal point just in front of your subject, for mine I focused just in front of Megan’s nose. But you might want to focus just behind their shoulder if you have your subject the other way round.

Note - place your subject sidewards this will show off the details, bless Megan she was actually in her bra and pants for this one :)

Step Six:

Most computers now have a good editing kit as will your mobile phone if you have used one to try this out, (or download the mobile version of Lightroom for FREE). My advice is use it to reduce your shadows, probably a bit on your blacks, reduces your highlights and see how your image is looking. The idea of this style of editing is for you to make your subject either a complete silhouette or just tone it down like I have without getting rid of your background.

If you have followed these steps I would love to see you finished image; post it up on my Facebook


Becky :)

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