Exposure, Focus and Me!

Like the rings of a tree, each tell a story and have been defined by the elements around them. As I sit here today I feel the same, so I am going to write a little bit about myself to give you an insight to Becky Tranter, photographer and how I have landed where I find myself today.

Like most of us we are influenced by those around us and for me my passion for photography started with my dad. Yep, that cool dude on the left is my pops!

For years though I am not sure I recognised my dad's face as he always had his camera on him and no matter the occasion he was always taking pictures. His passion, I guess, was infectious and made the art of taking pictures somewhat magical to me as a kid and as an adult his knowledge and faith in me gave me the boost I needed (I have a great poem that I will share with you about waking up one day in the land of giants, but as this is looking like a long blog i'll leave it for next time).

Taking pictures for me has always been a hobby as for the past 17 years I have worked full time for the Children's Charity Barnardo's. Where I personally and professionally grew from my 20's to my late 30's. My office saw me go travelling, fall in love, have my heartbroken and climb the ladder to become a senior manager and with my team (who by the way were more like family than colleagues), to design and run some incredible services meeting the needs of those most vulnerable. But as of 31st March 2018 I had to say goodbye to that chapter in my life as I was being made redundant. Watching my career, my staff, my office and life as I knew it be broken up and packed away like we didn't matter was devastating and probably only hitting me this week that it's over! As sad and as emotionally hard that was, I knew for me this was the break, fate if you like telling me it's now or never. It's time to start a new and exciting chapter; setting up Life Through a Lens.

Changing from being a manager of a large team to a full time photographer is taking some getting used to, it has to be said. For 17 years I have got to know the children's and young people's world inside out. I was proud to wake up every day and somewhat safe working for a national charity. But now there is just ikkle old me! Starting out from scratch, designing my website, getting my head around GDPR (yack) and determined that i'm going to make it work and be a success. What I feel I miss the most from my old job is being surrounded by people. I love meeting people, helping them emotionally and sometimes physically. Doing wedding photography has been a perfect balance to my Barnardo's work; you see on the telly all the negative and depressing situations happening around the world, but what most of you don't know is how bad the world is in Tamworth, Lichfield and well let's face it the UK. So being part of someones most happiest of days is not only humbling but gives me hope that it's not all sadness.

Although setting up a business is possibly the scariest thing I've done so far, it's already freeing and I know it's the right thing for me and the time is now. So if it's ok with you reader, I am going to grab a coffee, some porridge and crack on with editing my images from a weekend at the beach.

Have an amazing day, the sun is out and as we used to do as children at school, grab your work, a blanket and take yourselves outside :)

Love Becky x


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