How to reduce your wedding stress and anxiety: A survival guide

Due to my background I often find myself supporting my clients wellbeing as well as being a photographer, but I see that as part of what makes me me; I will look after you and your pictures! So I thought why not let others know the conversations I have with my clients.

My top 10 tips for a stress and reduced anxious day:

1) Enjoy every moment, those days running up to your big day are all part of your journey and build up to what WILL be a fantastic day.

2) Delegate tasks out to friends and family, part of our human DNA is wanting to be helpful, so let others help out and as a photographer, I find it really helpful if I know who I can ask where Aunty Flo is as they are needed for a photo.

3) Take time out for you… before your wedding day and on the big day itself. I often say to my clients having time with just me and you away from your guest may actually be one of the only times you get to let it all sink in that you just got married! Take that time with your photographer and enjoy it and when we are together you get to let it sink we just got married!

4) Have an SOS kit with you or a designated friend/family member; paracetamol, sewing kit, spare shoes, safety pin.

5) If you are worried about having your photo taken ask your photographer if they can do you a couple shoot before your wedding day to help you feel more relaxed on the big day. If you can let your photographer know and bits you’re self-conscious about. It's our job to help you feel your best on your day. I love doing couple shoots with my clients we get to really know each other and for those who say they go stiff in front of a camera we get to have fun so on your big day you're rocking it like a top model! LOL

6) If you do suffer with anxiety it's ok, you got this! Plan your day so you can go for a walk, know where you have some quiet space and ask someone you trust if they can come with you and nip off with for half an hour to powder your nose! Just knowing you have options may just be enough that your anxiety can stay away for a while.

7) Try doing a small amount of exercise daily this can be used as a distraction from the anxious thoughts and as a way of getting rid of some of the physical feelings brought on by the adrenaline. Can you plan for a yoga session the night before or in the morning?

8) Feel the Fear and do it anyway - read this book! Its principles are we are often worried, stressed etc. due to the fact our bodies cannot differentiate between the video we play in our heads and reality...ever watched a film and have been filled with complete fear? too... this is because your body thinks what you’re watching is real and therefore attaches all the feelings and emotions like it's actually happened. So if you are playing a certain worry out in your mind over and over again then effectively this situation has already taken place and you have already dealt with it. So on your big day if it happens it’s ok you will just handle it! I know is sounds simple but re-read this a few times and let it sink in. Most importantly remember these words: It’s ok whatever happens you WILL handle it!

9) Whatever happens, will happen and just laugh it off and once again let the venue and photographer know who else they can talk to on the day so you are not hounded all day.

10) This is your day, a coming together of two tribes and all your guests have turned up as they love you and want to celebrate your day, keep this as your focus and not on anything you think might go wrong. Only you know what you had planned in your head and if something doesn't quite pull off on the day, as Taylor said 'shake it off' Uncle Bob will still be on the dance floor at the end of the night with his tie round his head and sliding on his knees!

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