What The Funk?!

Helen Martin is an artist that loves to "scribble" and is inspired by street art in all its wonderful guises; graffiti, stickers and all art she comes across, her brand is called "What the Funk" (Elly What the Funk on Instagram) and has talent like I have never seen before as well as bucket loads of passion and a heart of gold!

Each piece of art Helen does has a motivation and she does it because she has a message to tell you, a story to share and an expression she want you to feel.

In collaboration with Helen and Kindred Tattoo's (who hosted her art exhibition), I was asked to go along to shoot one of her opening nights for her art exhibition, where my images got put in the local paper West Essex Life, it was an amazing evening where she nearly sold out on the night!

​​Helen and I go way back as they say, so I have had the privilege to watch her journey and find her so inspirational. As a friend she has helped me do better, dream bigger and helped my dreams become a reality, it was over drinks one night I talked about wanting to do more photography and she talked me through making it no longer a dream and has the believe in me that i didn't. I am very proud to be her friend and this blog clearly is a dedication to her .

Check out the gallery below for more of her work and some from Bricklane where I had the privilege of going out on a wheat pasting sessions with her.

For her Instagram and Facebook they are in the descriptions on the gallery below:

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